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48" Full Spectrum Plus "Spike Producers" (Medium - Medium High Light Requiring Plants)

This is double our basic LED. This is a 38 watt Full Spectrum Plus the additional Far-Red LEDs added.

It’s important to start your orchids out right. That’s what you can do with our Full Spectrum Plus Optimal LEDs. These LEDs are designed specifically for growing orchids and other houseplants. They are NOT LEDs from a big box store that are adapted for growing orchids and plants. What is the difference you might wonder? It’s the spectrum and housing. Our spectrum is a Full Spectrum plus the addition of Red LEDs along with a housing that compliments our rigorous requirements for the botanical environment. These LEDs are 2:1. 2 parts full spectrum white light (6500k) to one part Red LED. The advantage of this Red LED (660 nm) is chlorophyll strongly absorbs the red light given off of the LEDs and it can stimulate flowering. Therefore our LEDs are full spectrum and also have additional Red. All of our of our LEDs now have 10%+ Far RED (730 nm). This doesn’t mean the light is pink or red. To the contrary. The light that comes off of these LEDs is white. If you looked directly at the LEDs when it is on (you should never do this) you would see some of the LEDs are red, but when you put your hand under the light it is white. The best of both worlds!

48″ 38 watts We do not make these in any other size

1. Optimized spectrum for Orchids, Houseplants and Vegetables. We have a proven spectrum that works. Thousands of these LEDs have been sold and customers love the results they are getting with a multitude of various plants. 2. They are IP65 waterproof. They can get wet while watering and they are OK. 3. Low energy consumption. Each LED only uses a fraction of energy compared to florescent tubing or bulbs. 4. 120 Degree Beam Angle. The light coming out from the LED is dispersed 120 degrees to help provide even coverage on your growing space. 5. Daisy Chainable. Connect multiple LEDs together either by connecting them to themselves or by using our Jumper Cords while only using 1 Power Cord. 6. They give off relatively no heat. You can touch them while running and they are only warm to the touch. 7. Lightweight and easy to hang. Each LED weighs only several ounces. 8. Long Lifespan. The expected lifespan of the LEDs is 50,000 hours of operation. Running 16 hours per day will use 5,840 hours per year. They are expected to degrade less than 10% in 3 years. I suggest replacement every 5 years.

4″-5″ is 231.01 umol/m2s 6″-7″ is 153.48 umol/m2s 8″-9″ is 117.02 umol/m2s 10″-11″ is 86.94 umol/m2s

2 year warranty on these LEDs from the date of purchase. You must pay the shipping and return the the LED within 2 years from your purchase date and we will ship you a replacement of that LED or the closest LED available if we have updated our LEDs.

The LED of course, 2 Hanger brackets to clip onto the LED to aid with hanging it. You can then use a Zip tie, nylon rope or chains to hang them, and an end cap. Along with this you will receive 1 cord per 2 LEDs. It will either be a Power Cord for the first 2 LEDs you purchase and then you will get a Jumper Cord for the next 2 LEDs. For example if you buy 4 LEDs it comes with 1 power cord and 1 jumper cord. If you buy 6 LEDs it would come with 1 power cord and 2 jumper cords. The reason is you must have 1 power cord to power the run. The LEDs connect to each other with the cords that are on the LEDs. You do not need anything else between them. Most setups are on shelves and we always use 2 LEDs per shelf. So the first shelf gets a power cord and then each additional 2 LEDs will get a Jumper Cord to go to the next shelf and so on. If it is over 8 LEDs, then I start again with a Power Cord. As long as this is your configuration you do not need to purchase any cords. It will all be included. If this is not your setup then you can purchase any additional cords from the store.